garbage basket

  • liliput

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    I would call the first one a bin. Bin is used in BE for almost every type of rubbish receptacle.
    The item in your second picture is, I believe, a skip.

    difficult cuss

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    Indeed I would agree that the container at the front of the truck is a skip. I gave a response for the whole vehicle/skip combination. Please accept my apologies if this caused confusion.


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    I would call the first object either a "trash can" or a "waste basket." It's a bit unusual because it's mounted in the cement. It's also small in size compared to what I would call a "trash can." In the U.S. you might see it labeled as a "waste receptacle", although I don't know anyone who uses that in conversation.

    The second object is what I would call a "dumpster." I'm fairly confident that's the name most people would use for it in the U.S.


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    In AE the first one would be a trash can or garbage can. The second one would be referred to as dumpster or garbage truck.
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