Garde-robe pointue

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    In a fashion related article would "Grade-robe pointue" translate to "specialized ward robe" ?

    Thanks in advance
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    It is strange to see "pointu" when speaking of clothes. We usually use it when we speak about a field of studies or something like that.
  3. Nanou2706

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    It depends on what do you mean using "specialized" term. Can you precise the context a little bit more ?
    I would simply say "garde robe spécifique"
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    Here's a little more context on the term.
    "On ignore plus souvent que ce génie de la littérature française était aussi un dandy très soucieux de son apparence et doté d'unegarde-robe très pointue"
    "We most often ignore that this French literature genius was also a dandy extremely concerned about his appearance and equipped with a wardrobe POINTUE"
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    Here, pointue probably means de pointe (« qui est à l'avant-garde du progrès ») → at the leading edge of fashion?
  6. Jackson88 Member

    Thanks so much for your help.

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