garer mes abattis

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I am unsure of the following: This is an imagined mental reaction of a cow in an industrial farm at the sight of the farmer:

"voilà l’éleveur, il n’a pas l’air
bien luné aujourd’hui, je vais garer mes abattis"

I have "Here's the farmer, he doesn't seem to be in a good mood today, I'm going to ......"

Is the sense here that the cow is worried about being slaughtered, given the farmer's bad mood? Otherwise, I am lost.
  • laurasia29

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    But in fact, having got further into the text, I think the cow is in fear of its life, so it should be something like 'I need to look out for my gizzards.....'


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    Canada anglais
    Both giblets and gizzards refer to the organs of poultry or fowl.
    A suggestion: "innards" might be a better choice for a cow.


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    British English
    I'm not keen on any of the expressions with giblets, gizzards or other innards. They don't sound very "authentic". A cow wouldn't say that (would it :D)
    Maybe something like:
    I'm going to shift my carcass out of the way / out of sight.
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