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Somebody told me that to say "Don't be shy" is Hazukashi-Garu-na. So I guess to be shy is Hazukashi-Garu?

Can somebody explain to me what -Garu is? Is it a noun? or verb or adjective? particle? ...?

Please give me more examples of how this is used....if you can, Thanks.

Thank You.
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    So I guess to be shy is Hazukashi-Garu?
    With a few reservations, yes. For example, hazukashi-garu cannot be used to refer to the speaker who is being shy.

    I don't think -garu belongs to a part of speech in the usual sense of the word. It is a derivational morpheme that makes a verb when suffixed to the adnominal form of an adjective. Adjectives used with -garu express emotion (kowa-garu, sumana-garu) cognition (mezurashi-garu, abuna-garu) and desire (hoshi-garu).

    For other questions, this thread about -garu and -tai is of some use.
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