Gastador de la guardia de asalto

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    Hola! "gastador de la Guardia de Asalto" I know that gastador is a spendthrift but it doesn't seem right in this context? Can anyone help translate this?
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    In this context gastador it's a kind of soldier. In dictionary there are two definition a soldier who makes trenchs and a tall soldier who parades first.
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    A battallion used to have a squad of gastadores, with one corporal and six soldiers. They went in front of the batallion 'gastando' the land, that is wasting (?) smoothing (?) it so the battallion could go faster.
    The order in a parade mimicks the order when walking through the land, so gastadores go first. That's why it became traditional to use only tall and strong soldiers as gastadores, and to make them parade in a more spectacular way, throwing the guns in the air, etc. Different battallions competed to have the tallest, strongest and hairiest gastadores. As Spaniards were traditionally short, at some moment generals even hired civil foreigners to parade as gastadores.
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