gather all his resources

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This is an extract from the novel This side of heaven by Karen Robards. This man is injured and unconcious.

His skin was putty-colored now, and rivulets of sweat ran down his temples. Even as she watched him, his eyes opened again. For a moment they met hers; shaken at the pain she saw there, she managed a small smile for him. He didn’t acknowledge the gesture by so much as the flicker of an eyelid; instead he seemed to gather all his resources.

Would you like to give me the meaning of "gather all his resources" in this case? Thanks.
  • JustKate

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    Well, I must say it's a bit obscure. What the phrase usually means, and I'm going to have to assume it means this here, is that he was saving all of his assets, in this case his physical strength or resilience. That is, rather than using some of his waning strength in acknowledging her smile, he was saving it - for healing or to resist the pain.
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