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Hello there.

I know the expression; 'I like meeting friends in small groups.'
I think this is correct English and it means this person (I) sometimes meets friends in a small group.
But can I use 'gathering in small groups' as the same meaning as the expression above, 'meeting friends in small groups'?
I feel something strange about the expression 'gathering in small groups' but I do not know why.
Do you use the expression 'gathering in small groups' in daily conversaions?

I am waiting for hearing from you.
Thanks in advance.
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    "gathering" and "meeting friends" do not have the same meaning. I would normally use this expression -- which is a fine expression -- to describe other people or people who were not necessarily friends:

    After the main meeting, the forum participants gathered in small groups to discuss their personal issues.
    The students gather in small groups to work on their assignments.
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