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I'm not sure of the meaning of "gather oneself" here.

Context : husband and wife have a violent raw while dining outside. The man leaves and hurries back home. When the woman finally gets home, she finds him emerging of the utility room with a suitcase.

"He stopped in his tracks when he saw her and shot her a look that went right through her. Gathering himself, he pushed past her, still carring the suitcase in his large hands."
"... Se ramassant, il passa à côté d'elle en la bousculant..."

Is it the right meaning ?
Thanks :)
  • elmingo

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    France, French

    je rouvre ce fil car j'ai une variante. Une femme va rendre visite à une autre qui lui plaît et, arrivant devant la porte, "she physically gathered herself together, squaring her shoulder et straightening her spine".

    Je comprends l'idée d'essayer de retrouver son sang-froid, son calme, mais je trouve curieux de d'associer cette tournure à "physiquement".

    Merci de vos suggestions
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