Gather (together)- Assemble- Get together

Daniel López

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I would like to find out the normally used expressions for "Call people and tell them to come to a same place" <<...>>

Gather (together)- Assemble- Get toghether.

Pleade would you be so kind as to correct any mistake, tell me which are the most usual ones, and propose new ways to express that?

"The grandfather got all of us toghether" / assembled us / Gathered us/ gathered us toghether/ call us together

"The General Director/ assembled us / Gathered us/ gathered us toghether

I would be most grateful, as usual to this essential forum.
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  • Marina Urquidi

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    I would say "Our grandfather brought us all together for a (family) gathering" and "The General Manager brought us together for a meeting". But if you want to express the idea of calling the meeting, your grandfather would organize a family gathering, and your General Manager would simply call a meeting. You kind of have to adapt to the different contexts and not want to have a word-for-word equivalence.

    Hope this helps,
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