Gathering place?


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Let's say a group of people are going to a place B for an activity. But they are going to gather at A first before travelling to B together. Can I say A is the gathering place of the activity? Is it ambiguous cos they also gather at B? Any alternative word or phrase? Thanks.


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Hi, welcome to the forums.
I would say 'we're meeting at A and then we'll go to B together'. If you must use a noun, you could call A the 'meeting place', but it wouldn't be how I'd usually express that.


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Thanks Gwan.
Yes I want a noun so that I can list the details of an activity in a concise way. I guess "meeting place" is ok for my purpose. But I would still be happy if there are some other suggestions.:)
By the way, can "meeting" be replaced with gathering/assembling/assemblage?