1. kbgato

    kbgato Member

    español, Mexico D.F.
    ¿Existe alguna expresión en inglés para decir que te dieron gato por liebre?

  2. yanito

    yanito Member

    Great Britain
    Gibraltar English/Spanish
    Quizás -
    To be sold a pig in a poke = significa literalmente venderse un cochino en un saco, pero en vez de que cosa no sé. :)
  3. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    To be given a bum steer.

  4. waliche

    waliche Senior Member

    USA English
    I disagree to some extent.

    I wouldn´t say "To be given a bum steer" is an equivalent expression of "Te dieron gato por liebre"
    The word bum in the phrase would indicate a steer(un novillo castrado)unable to walk or debilitated in some way, i.e. not functioning well. It has come to mean that you were given bad information.

    "To be sold a pig in a poke" is a better equivalent. Poke meaning a sack carrying a small pig that the buyer is unable to see and therefore unable to judge the quality of the animal.
    It means to trick someone, to deceive. Like the Spanish expression, instead of being served rabbit (hare) like you thought, you were given cat for dinner. (considered a much less appealing dish for most people)
  5. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    You're right, a pig in a poke is closer to the meaning.

  6. Basenjigirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    The English equivalent is a "bait and switch".
  7. tonijua

    tonijua Senior Member

    aca en Londres yo he escuchado la expresion "to be given/to buy a cat for a rabbit", que es literalmente lo mismo.
  8. yanito

    yanito Member

    Great Britain
    Gibraltar English/Spanish
    My apologies to tonijua, but I've never heard this expression. I don't think it's an accepted idiom (try it in Google). Anyway a rabbit is not the same as a hare!

    Sorry also to Basenjigirl! I don't think "bait and switch" has quite the same meaning as "vender gato por liebre". Bait and switch is where a bargain/cheap item is used to attract customers who are then pressurised to purchase an expensive substitute. Vender gato por liebre is to deceive customers by advertising an expensive or high quality item, but what you really get turns out to be a cheap substitute.
  9. michelhays New Member

    Evanston, IL
    USA English
    This is a common phrase of my Mother's (she's Argentine) I always understood it to be culinary in origin: Hare is a common delicacy in Argentina, especially in the south. After butchering, a hare and a cat look very similar - but you wouldn't want to eat a cat...

    So, the saying references being cheated - pig in a poke is a somewhat outdated American equivalent; a more modern idiom would be "ripped off" or "a ripoff"
  10. tonijua

    tonijua Senior Member

    Yo lo lamento por ti... pero esa expresion se la escuche a un profesor de literatura del Birbeck College... Segun el, es una expresion comun.
  11. alacant

    alacant Senior Member

    Alicante, Spain
    England, english

    I have never in all my years, quite a few now, heard this expression used by an english speaking person. I think the teacher was using a literal translation.

    Cheers, A
  12. patalarga New Member

    I know this is an old, old thread, but in English...'a bum steer' means to send someone in the wrong direction (to steer someone wrong), and has nothing whatsoever to do with cattle. In other words, when waliche gave the meaning above, it was definitely a bum steer!
  13. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    Si, y de esas dos millones de veces, las tres primeras son:
    1. Likewise, the Spanish "dar gato por liebre" literally means, "to give a cat for a rabbit." But as an idiom, it means to deceive someone else about the quality of ...
    2. How do I make her be nice to other outdoor animals? ... highly doubt the dog will mistake a cat for a rabbit =) and did the dog eat the rabbit? if it
    3. Apr 9, 2004 – But it would also give you a place to give him "time out" if he's being ... Using a litterbox is highly instinctual for a cat; for a rabbit, they have ...

    No dicen que exista el dicho en inglés.

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