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Evening all,
I'm translating a list of artists playing at a music festival this summer and this sentence has me stumped.

"Encore un Londonien, certes, mais pas le dernier pour la gaudriole"

It's the last part "pour la gaudriole" that I can't work out. The word 'gaudriole' isn't even in WR's French/English dictionary so it can't be that common. Any help on this would be most helpful!
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    Mon dictionnaire donne ces deux sens :

    a « débauche »
    ■ il aime la gaudriole : he likes a bit of slap and tickle ✰

    b « propos » ▶ dirty joke

    Le mot est familier en français, mais pas vulgaire.



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    Thanks for the link La GS. I can't give you any more context as that's all I have! In your link it says that 'bagatelle' is a synonym of 'gaudriole', and 'pour la Bagatelle (de)' means 'for the trifling sum (of)'. maybe it's something to do with this, though I'm still not sure.
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