gave informed written consent


Does "gave informed written consent" mean "before (the subjects) signing the written consent, they have well-understood what the experiment was"? That is, "informed" here means "well-understood"?

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Here we investigated directly which regions of the brain pre-determine conscious intentions and how early they start shaping a motor decision. Subjects who gave informed written consent performed a freely paced motor decision task while their brain activity was measured using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI; see Fig. 1 and Supplementary Methods).

-Chun Siong Soon1,2, Marcel Brass1,3

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    That is, "informed" here means "well-understood"?
    That's the hope. It might not always be true. The purpose is for them to understand the risks involved before willingly agreeing to proceed. At the minimum, as Julian says, they were at least given the information.
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