gave it away to?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by rituparnahoymoy, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. rituparnahoymoy Senior Member

    Assamese -India
    A young cousin of a person was using the computer when he was not present. Before he returned, the cousin set everything as it was before.

    But he forgot to close a program and that is what gave it away to the person.

    Should I use gave it away to in this sentence?
  2. Barque Senior Member

    It isn't clear from your explanation that the owner of the computer wouldn't have wanted his cousin using it but I suppose that's what you mean.

    I'd say "gave him away". He closed the computer before his cousin returned but forgot to close a program, and that gave him away.
  3. rituparnahoymoy Senior Member

    Assamese -India
    Thanks. Is there any better way to say this without using " give away"?
  4. Barque Senior Member

    I don't know about "better" but there are other ways. He got caught out because he hadn't closed a program.
  5. rituparnahoymoy Senior Member

    Assamese -India
    Catch out( thank you) I found a new word and it fits the sentence at least what I was trying to say.

    Also, Can I use detected sometime in place of caught out in such a sentence.

    (He got caught out because he hadn't closed a program.)
  6. Barque Senior Member

    If you just replace "caught out" with "detected", it wouldn't sound natural. "Detected" in any case doesn't seem appropriate for this situation.

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