gave me <a (bottle of) / some> dish detergent/soap/washing-up liquid

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Hi, let's say your neighbor, who is Japanese, gave you one of the following yesterday.

#1 - As you can see, it doesn't have a label on it. But she said the liquid inside was dish detergent.

#2 - Almost everything on the label is written in Japanese, but the packaging suggests that it's a branded product. She said the liquid inside was dish detergent.

#3 - Let's imagine this is a well-known dish detergent brand (if it's not well-known).

Now, please imagine you are chatting with one of your colleagues at work, and you say the following.

My neighbor gave me a dish soap/detergent yesterday. (AmE)
My neighbour gave me a washing-up liquid yesterday. (BE)

Maybe you are more likely to say
"gave me Ecover yesterday" for #3, but is the use of the indefinite article appropriate or would you use "some"? Or would you say "a bottle of"?
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