Gave or Had given

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Dear life

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Hello everyone! :)
I'm having a tense problem.

Yesterday, my teacher asked me for a pen to sign the exam copies of students & I gave him one which, in a while he returned saying that something went wrong. At the time, I was writing my exam, so I couldn't check out what made him give the pen back to me. After returning to my room, I realized <why he gave/had given the pen back to me> <what might have happened when he gave/ had given the pen back to me>. I found the top of the pen stuck inside its cap. <——-Excess quote removed by moderator (Florentia52)——->
Could you please help me with the options I've given? I'm confused which one is the correct tense.
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    First instance: had given (gave might also be acceptable here but had given is better). Second instance: gave.
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