gave rise to the modern, secular strand of antiSemitism

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Does "gave rise to the modern, secular strand of antiSemitism" show us that those ancient (non-modern) strands of antiSemitism are religious?

Thanks in advance

Ironically, the very fact that Jews had been mistreated in Germany (and elsewhere) since time immemorial—by being confined to ghettos and deprived of civic status—gave rise to the modern, secular strand of antiSemitism, for it was not until the emancipation efforts of the early nineteenth century that the hatred of the Jews acquired an explicitly racial inflection. Even the self-proclaimed "friends of the Jews" who sought the admission of Jews into German society with the full privileges of citizenship did so only on the assumption that the Jews could be reformed thereby and rendered pure by sustained association with the German race.

-Sam Harris

Source: The End of Faith (PDF)
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