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    Hi forum!!!

    I have placed this same question since few days ago in the Spanish/English vocabulary thread, without any response, then I am trying in this side...

    Can you explain me the meaning of the term "gazzettement" in the following sentece?

    The evolution of the park’s management from its gazettement in 1991 to the present is an interesting case study of the policy process in all of its stages.
    Maybe, if I have the English meaning of the word, I can easily find its Spanish equivalent, as I cannot find it anywhere else...
    Thanks in advance for your help,
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    Wow, that's an interesting question. The verb is 'to gazette' and means to announce or publish something in an official gazette (being a newspaper). It is (was) sometimes a legal requirement (in Britain) for certain announcements to be made in the London Gazette before becoming valid or a notice period starting to run. In this case, the constitution of the park may have needed to be announced in this way when it was formed; so the sentence means 'the evolution of the park from when it started to now'. However, the turn of phrase is rather antiquated for something which started in 1991.
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    English UK
    Google hits (many of which seem to be from Indonesia/Malaysia/Africa) indicate that there is a modern use of the term in the context of land management and conservation. This bilingual land tenure glossary, for example, says:

    Gazettement refers to the publication of an official announcement in a state gazette or Official Journal. [] As far as forests are concerned, gazettement usually indicates that a forested area has been designated for protection by the State or other public authorities according to relevant legislation in force.

    I imagine, then, that Diddy's The evolution of the park’s management from its gazettement in 1991....

    means something like

    The evolution of the park’s management from its designation as a protected area in 1991.
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    Thanks a lot Anion and Loob for your valuable information. In fact, the sentence that I provided here is found in an Indonesia's environmental document. Now I got the real meaning, and it is nice too to know from where that term comes.

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