geef mijn fiets terug

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  1. elektroowca Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I googeld mentioned above saying so I'm familiar with the story behind/historical background.
    Would you be so kind though as to provide me with an example sentence/situation it can be used nowadays?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Peterdg

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    Dutch - Belgium
    As an expression, it's completely unknown to me. It must be something of the north.

    To me, it just means "give me back my bike" without any special connotation.
  3. Yes, for example if someone steals your bike you can shout at someone "Geef mijn fiets terug!" I think you can use it in any situation when someone takes your bike without your permission.

    Ik heb even gegoogled en op vond ik het volgende "geef mijn fiets terug (=grapje om Duitsers te wijzen op de Tweede Wereldoorlog, toen er veel fietsen geconfisqueerd werden.)"

  4. Suehil

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    British English
    I think it has fallen out of use.
    Thirty years ago it was already 'geef mijn vader zijn fiets terug' - something that could be said when you wanted to be unpleasant to an elderly German. Nowadays it has no meaning.
  5. elektroowca Member

    Ik dank u voor uw snelle reactie.
    Thank you very much for all the answers.
    And special thanks to Suehil, for that extra piece of information!

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