gegen ihrer Ansicht nach zu hohe Steuern protestiert


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I came across the following sentence:

Miteinem Generalstreik haben einige argentinische Gewerkschaften gegen ihrerAnsicht nach zu hohe Steuern protestiert.

"Gegen" is followed by the accusative, isn't it, but why, in the above, is it followed by "ihrer" (Ansicht), which isn't accusative? The expression "gegen ihrer Ansicht" means "in their view" or "what they consider to be", I believe, so is "ihrer" in this form because it's part of this 'set expression'? Ich verstehe nicht.
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    English but my first language was German

    Mit einem Generalstreik haben einige argentinische Gewerkschaften gegen (ihrer Ansicht nach) zu hohe Steuern protestiert

    Does that help? When dealing with German, as with most languages, you can't just translate word-for-word from left to right. Often, especially in German, you have to jump ahead and work backwards. Also it helps to figure out on your own what the Argentine unions are likely to be protesting against.:D
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