geh. (Abbreviation, dictionary)

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    A fixed form is:

    "Getreu der Devise .../getreu dem Motto"
    This is what first came into my mind. Both are used in the common language.
    The most other usages are in elevated language.

    PS: The abbreviations in a dictionary are usually listed in the appendix or in a list at the beginning.
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    The usage of 'getreu' is from the sentence ''Wir halten es getreu dem Motto von Bruno Bettelheim''. I understand more or less what the sentence is saying, but I hadn't seen the word 'getreu' until that sentence, so I wanted to first make sure I was understanding its meaning correctly, and secondly find more example sentences that use the word in that context.

    I'm strictly using an online dictionary to look-up words, and it doesn't seem to show what the abbreviations stand for. Sometimes I can find the abbreviation written out by using google, but other times there are just too many potential abbreviations, so I come here to check to see what a native speaker thinks it is given the context. Is there a way to find where an online dictionary lists its abbreviations? By the way, the online dictionary I have been using is


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    Here is a dictionary of abbreviations. I did not find a list in your dictionary.

    It shows also "gehoben", but does not give context and a lot of solutions.

    As I mentioned above, "getreu" is seldom used.
    You will find the most as "getreu dem Motto" or "getreu der Devise". - But I do not think that this is "gehobene Sprache" but both are fixed expressions.

    But in the most other texts it will be "gehobene Sprache".

    The example in the Free Dictionary shows "gehobene Sprache".:
    I. (geh.) [...] Das war eine getreue Wiedergabe des Unfallhergangs.
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