Gelato su stecco


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Come tradurreste "gelato su stecco"? senza usare solo "ice cream" che mi sembra generico e riferito solo al prodotto sfuso.
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    In my case the ice cream stick has no brand since it's homemade. I'll go with the first option then. Thanks !
    'Ice cream sticks' can also refer to the sticks by themselves so I would only use that if the context makes that clear. Otherwise use 'ice cream on a stick'. 🙂
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    Writing also from the States, just thought I'd mention Popsicles, which are always on a stick and in some areas of the country can be made either ice cream or (more commonly) of frozen flavored water or juice.

    I'd never heard the term "Ice Pop" until I moved from California to Connecticut. I still call them Popsicles as long as they're on a stick, and everyone understands what I mean.

    We use the term Ice Cream Bar if it's made of ice cream and is on a stick. If it doesn't come on a stick, it's an Ice Cream Sandwich.