gell (gelt)

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    Ein paar von meinen Mitschüler und Professoren sagt "gel" sehr oft am ende der Sätze. Ich habe für eine Definition gesucht, aber ich kann keine finden.
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    I'm pretty sure it just means 'right?'.

    Like, "you know what I'm saying, right?". It can also be spelled 'gell' or 'gelt' I believe, so if you want to look into more you could try using those.
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    Tim's right, this will be "gell" or "gelt"; in some Austrian dialects it is also "goi" or "gö" ("göda").
    I always thought this is specifically Austrian and Bavarian but now I'm not sure about the exact geographical distribution of "gell". :)
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    It is also used in Frabconian (fränkischen) dialects and in parts of Thuringia.
    In Saxony it is not used. When I moved to Dresden it took me some years not to use it. Here in Dresden the laughed when I used it as pupil - very frustrating.

    In English the form is like "isn't it?"

    In German, depending on the region, it is:
    gel, gelle, gelt, goi, gö.
    In Saxony they use: "nu?" (which is in standard language: "ja?") or "nu/ne/ni wahr?" - which is in standard language: "nicht wahr?"

    In Berlin, they do not use "gel?" but "wa?" or "wat?"

    The most came from the dialect to the local coll. language.
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    Hallo allerseits :)

    Wir haben einen ganz interessanten Faden über ähnliche Wörter... So kannst Du ein wenig Abwechslung in Deine Gegend bringen, drewfromutah ;)
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