Gemir de placer

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  1. kinai Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    What is the better way to translate it?? A moan of pleasure, a groan of pleasure or a wail of pleasure??


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  2. tracerbullet Senior Member

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    Tanto "moan" como "groan of pleasure" suenan muy sexual.....¿es eso lo que quiere decir? Si es así, diría yo "moan of pleasure"
  3. kinai Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    Sí. La frase que estoy intentando traducir es:
    Cambiaras de opinión cuando veas gemir de placer a tu hermana entre mis brazos.
    Y yo la había traducido como:
    You will change your mind when you see your sister moaning of pleasure/groaning of pleasure/whailing of pleasure in my arms.

  4. tracerbullet Senior Member

    Oregon, USA
    U.S., English
    "Moaning of" no suena bien. Mucho mejor decir "moaning with"
  5. aztlaniano

    aztlaniano Senior Member

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    English (Aztlán, US sector)
    Moan, mejor. Moan with (concuerdo con tracerbullet)
    Groan suele ser negativo.
    Whail no existe, es wail (llanto).
    Whale (ballena)
  6. ovejanegra

    ovejanegra Senior Member

    English, USA
    Moan with pleasure. You probably won't find an explanation of this nuance in any dictionaries: moan is more often associated with pleasure (esp. sexual pleasure), and groan with pain or discomfort, although both can mean either, depending on the context in which they're used.
  7. St. Nick Senior Member

    Of course, if she's really fun-loving, she might squeal with pleasure. ;)
  8. kinai Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    Thanks to all for your help.


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