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Hi everyone !

I am new here. All my questions are usually answered by threads posted by others but I guess I finally have a question for you all.

I am translating a horror short story and I found "gen-you-whine" in it at some point.
The main protagonist is talking about the creature that attacked him and his wife, wondering what it really is.
Here's the sentence :

"What was it exactly ? The Bogeyman ? A gen-you-whine 'thing' from someplace where there is no lights and no smiles ?"

I get the idea that it's a pun but what does gen-you-whine really mean ?
And more importantly, how can I translate it ? Should I just drop the pun and place one somewhere else to keep the balance in my translation ?

I hope someone will have an idea. At least some sort of definition would be nice.

Thank you very much and have a nice day !

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    "Gen-you-whine" is a deliberate misspelling of 'genuine' used solely with writer's artistic licence in the interest of being smart. I would use 'véritable' as an adequate translation, and I think I would let the joke go.


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    I just thought there would be more to it, I'm kind of disappointed. Oh well, I'll just let the joke go and place one somewhere else instead.

    Thank you for your quick answers !! :)


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    Your "gen-you-whine 'thing' from someplace where there is no lights and no smiles" evokes to me th Witch in the zombie videogame Left4Dead.

    The Witch is a female infected with long claws that stays crying in one dark, secluded spot. If she is disturbed with light, loud noises or gunfire, she will become aggressive and charge at the one who "startled" her." She's the most powerful opponent and kills in one attack.
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