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  1. fjsanchez Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Hello everybody. Can somebody explain to me difference between General Manager and Managing Director? In Spanish is Director General, isn't it?
  2. fenixpollo

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    American English
    Every company or organization is different. Two different companies may have the same job role, but call it by different titles. There may be no difference between the two at all.

    In a company with both titles, a Director is often higher in the hierarchy than a Manager.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Levana Member

    Spanish, Catalan
    Hello, please could someone inform me about the hierarchy in an English or American company? I mean the equivalent to this:
    Gestor de Administración --> Finances Management?
    Responsable (Jefe) de departamento --> Area Manager?
    Director de Área --> Area Manager?
    Director General ---> General Manager or Managing Director? GB/USA
    And the last one: Secretaria Dirección General: Secretary General Manager?
    Thanks :)

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