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In an article in Gazeta Wyborcza I came across the genitive form Lauriego formed from the name Laurie. Although Laurie can be a man's name, this Laurie is female. Is Lauriego correct? I thought that masculine words applied to females were not declined e.g. Rozmowa z Panią Profesor.
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    You're right. Looks like the author thought it was a male. You would say 'Rozmowa z panią profesor Laurie.'


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    Yes, when Laurie is a female name, than Lauriego as the genitive form is wrong. It should be Laurie in all grammatical cases, I think.

    I'm not really sure whether this is the same case as with pani profesor. The reason might be that it's difficult to simply impossible to find a fitting declension pattern in Polish for a female Laurie.


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    If it was Lauri Törni, then Lauriego is correct. Foreign female names which end in ‘a’ can be declined, e.g. Linda, Lindy.
    Source: Słownik PWN: imiona obce
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