Genki?..ano anata no nihogo wa ii desu ne!


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hey brothers and sisters!
i have a cousin and his two adorable kids over in japan and they sent me this message,
"Genki?..ano anata no nihogo wa ii desu ne! gambate kelcey!wakari masuka??! ano sumimasen nihongo wa amari hanase masen...mada madamatene watashi tachi no kodomo erica chan do jaevan kun KONICHIWA!!!.
moo juubun desu!"
could someone please help me translate this into english?
thanks for any help!

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  • It's in somewhat broken Japanese, but this is how I understand it:

    How are you? Your Japanese is good. Good luck Kelcey! Do you understand this? I am sorry but I don't speak Japanese well. See you later! Oh wait, our kids Erica and Jaevan say hi. That's all!
    moo juubun desu! = That's all!

    Wow, linguaphile! You are a first-class detective. ;)

    babysmiley, this part is particularly misleading. In ordinary speech it means, "I have had enough," referring to food, drink and so on.