genre toile à beurre ou toile à patron


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The following is from a herb book in a section that refers to storing dry herbs in simi breathable (aéré) ways: "Un sac rapidement confectionné dans un tissu très aéré genre toile à beurre ou toile à patron (à ne pas laver surtout), sera excellent."

I would like to know what the bold type means.

Any sugestions are helpfull, thanks for reading :)
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    toile à beurre ou toile à patron
    I believe refers to "cheesecloth or bar-towel" bar-towel being those open weave cotton cloths bartenders and chefs use. These seem to fit your context exactly.



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    I revive an old thread, but...:)

    A "toile à patron", here, is a loose cheap fabric in which you cut the forms for a suit or dress, etc...
    You loosely sew those forms so that the customer can try the suit and you can modify the suit at a cheap price. Then you cut the suit in the real fabric when the "patron" is Ok.

    However, my mother rather uses paper for "patrons", it's cheaper and easier to use, but a customer wouldn't see very well (my mother is no professional).


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    Another revival, hopefully helpful for the next one who stumbles upon this thread. The cheap fabric used for patternmaking is referred to as muslin, in the U.S. and Canada. It comes in different weights, none of it as heavy as canvas.
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