gent: Les ´gents´ préfèrent l´Asie à la City


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This headline from Le Monde (Les ´gents´ préfèrent l´Asie à la City) is followed by this pull-quote: (Londres voit partir de jeunes banquiers, mais garde des /illegible word/: ses horaires, son droit, sa stabilité.)

What expression could substitute for ´they´in this translation of the headline: ´They prefer Asia to the City´ ? Feel free to translate the headline at will.

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    Gents prefer Asia to the City ("gents" is an English word, which is why it's in quotation marks.)

    or "(London's) Young bankers/young gents opt for Asia" or "Asia better than City, say gents"
    or "Gentlemen prefer Asia" (I'm trying to be idiomatic and sound like a "Wall Street Journal" or "New York Times" headline.)



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    I think it's a play on words : it deals with the Gents but it uses the expression "les gens préfèrent ..." = people prefer ... :D
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