Geographic OR geographical ?

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    Do we say "Geographic information" OR "Geographical information" ? What is the difference betwenn those 2 adjectives? Thks.
  2. denis-a-paris

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    Tout les deux me semblent pareils. Aussi, mon dictionnaire dit la même chose pour eux.
  3. timpeac

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    Although I am not sure if I am creating a distinction here, I would suggest that "geographic information" is information about some aspect of geography (a map, for example) whereas "geographical information" is information provided by geography (the fact the there is a layer of chalk, say, 3 metres down showing there was a flood 1 million years ago (completely made up example!!)).

    Isausa - since you seem comfortable asking such questions in English and the question is not directly one of translation you might want to ask such a question in the English only forum where you might get a wider response.
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    Merci beaucoup Timpeac ! It does make sens to me and I would think of the English only forum next time ;+) ! I had forgotten about it... Have a good one !
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