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  1. Mac_G New Member

    Hey everyone,

    I want to translat: 'Lüdicke (1982) conducted a study where she looked at five female informants of diverse ages, occupations and geographical backgrounds'

    My attempt: '
    Lüdicke (1982) a géré une étude où elle a examiné cinq informatrices des âges divers, professions et contexte géographique.'

    Im not sure that 'contexte' is the right word but i'm confused with what else to use...
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Merci d'avance x
  2. Manwell Member

    Lüdicke a mené une étude dans laquelle elle a examiné cinq sujets féminins d'âges de profession et d'origines diverses.
    or [...] cinq sujets féminins de différents âges, profession et origines.

    informatrices is not used at all in french. I think sujet makes sense
    if by geographical background is political correctness for race, then origines is a good fit. To be sure that is it well understood as geographical background maybe you could use d'origine geographique...
  3. Mac_G New Member

    Oh that is absolutely perfect!

    Thanks so much Manwell! Much appreciated :)

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