Georgian: სასტუმრო ოთახი


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Hi all

In the book "Beginning Georgian" this is translated into English as "guest room", which is of course the literal translation. But, personally I would use "guest room" to refer to a spare bedroom in the house that would be offered to a guest who is staying the night, and for various reasons (context in the book, and Google images when I search) I get the impression that სასტუმრო ოთახი is what I would call a "living room" - somewhere to sit, watch TV, and a place to sit for guests who might be offered a drink and a little food.

Am I right?
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    Yes, it's a living room.

    In Russian too, "гостиная комната", derived from the word гость (gost' = guest), is the largest room in a house or flat, with enough space for guests to sit around a table.
    Russians and Georgians are sociable people.:)
    Not only Georgians and Russians. Estonians too :) Guest room = külalistetuba. Guest = külaline. Room = tuba.
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