Georgian: Are you also watching this program?

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Fra Parvus

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My Georgian is rather basic, but I'm trying to put together this couple of sentences: "Are you also watching this program? It's bloody horrible!"
I've come up with this: თქვენც ამ პროგრამს უყურებთ? ეს პირდაპირ საშინელებაა!

Does it make any sense? Is "პროგრამს" even possible in this context or should it be "გადაცემს" instead? Also, are there other idiomatic/colloquial ways to say the second half?

Thank you.

... Gee, why didn't someone tell me this forum was comatose?
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    Yes, it does, and yes, both words are okay but გადაცემა is more appropriate. Also, you can simply use the name of a TV show or a program instead.
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