Georgian "Isani" (name of a Metro station in Tbilisi)

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    Good afternoon,

    I am trying to find out the meaning of Georgian "Isani", which is the name of one of the stations on the Tbilisi Metro (and of the surrounding area, I believe). This webpage claims that the word is of Arabic origin and means "stronghold", but I would like to see a few more opinions. My interest stems from the fact that Isani is the surname of one of my relatives. Thanks.
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    There is an Arabic word ḥiṣn حصن meaning “fortress”. I am not in a position to say whether this is the source of the Georgian word cited by you, but somehow I doubt it.

    Is your relative of Georgian origin?
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    No, my relative is the English widow of a Pakistani from Sindh whose surname was Isani. She wondered whether there could be any connection between her surname and the name of the Tbilisi Metro station. I told her that I doubted it, but even if there is no link, she would still like to know what, if anything, "isani" means in Georgia and what it means in Pakistan.
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