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    Here's a random question I have found it impossible to answer with Google...

    Using the Microsoft/Windows "Georgian (QWERTY)" keyboard - at least on the soft version, shown above - "shift ნ" gives you "N". That implies to me that Georgians often feel the need to type "N". But what is it used for?

    (It seems you might need to enlarge the image by clicking on it to clearly see what I mean.)


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    In Russian, the Latin letter "N" is used for numbering buildings or institutions:

    школа N 878 = school number 878 (is # used here in English?)
    ДЕТСКИЙ САД N 42 (КОРПУС N 2) = kindergarten number 42 (building number 2)
    магазин N 8 = shop number 8

    I suppose it's the same in Georgian.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    You could be right, but flicking through a Georgian magazine and checking street addresses, I see numbers with no leading symbol, some with "#", and some with "No" (with the "o" underlined and superscripted) . But maybe more common for schools? I noticed wine "factories" had numbers in Soviet times too.

    BTW "#" is mainly used in American English, but is now entering British too. "No" is more British, but maybe a bit old-fashioned now. I think it is more common now to drop the leading symbol - leaving it to readers to spot the number with no assistance!
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