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    Assuming stress in Georgian is mostly antepenultimate on basic forms, what happens when suffixes or clitics are added? For example, given ak'eteb "do" and Tbilisi, does stress remain on the same syllable in aket'eben "they do" and Tbilisidan "from Tbilisi" and Tbilisi-a "it is Tbilisi", or does it move to the new antepenult, ak'eteben and Tbilisidan and Tbilisi-a?
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    There isn't a very strong stress in Georgian. If you stress a word incorrectly it also doesn't change the meaning.
    Usually the stress is always on the first syllable.

    If you add a suffix the stress stays on the first syllable. If you add a prefix the stress stays on the first syllable, which is now the prefix as well.
    But again, stress is neither strong nor very important in Georgian.

    gaketeba - vaketeb - gavaketeb
    გაკეთება - ვაკეთებ - გავაკეთებ
    (do - I am doing - I will do)

    Tbilisi - Tbilisidan - is Tbilisshia
    თბილისი - თბილისიდან - ის თბილისშია
    (Tbilisi - from Tbilisi - he/she is in Tbilisi)

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