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  1. J.F. de TROYES Senior Member

    Is there a tense called თურმეობითი and does it express a past fact the speaker has not seen, but has only heard of ? If so, are those forms still used ?

    So a grammar gives this sentence :

    ბასშვს ბურთი დამალავს ( where -უ - is the 3rd pers. marker of the tense ) and translates The boy has probably hidden the ball.

    Is it correct ? What is your opinion ? Thanks a lot.
  2. llile

    llile New Member

    no, in this case he did, fact is happened; so I თურმეობითი is response of question what he/she did, II თურმეობითი - what he/she had to do

    ბავშვს ბურთი დაუმალავს is I თურმეობითი

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  3. J.F. de TROYES Senior Member

    Sorry, I don't see any difference between I თურმეობითი and II თურმეობითი . Also I'd like to know if there is or there was really a tense called თურმეობითი .

    გმადლობთ .
  4. Ikalashxi New Member

    i'm sure it's a typo but still will correct it. the right way to say it is "ბავშვს ბურთი დაუმალავს" and it translates as "the kid(ბავშვი means kid not a boy) apparently has hidden the ball"

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