Geriatric science has been allowed to take over...


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In 2010, the British novelist Martin Amis told the Sunday Times that Britain should establish suicide booths for the elderly... Later, after a public clamor, Amis said that he had meant to be “satirical.” Still, he did not back off... “Geriatric science has been allowed to take over and, really, decency roars for some sort of correction.”

This is from The Inevitable by Katie Engelhart.
I'd like to check if I understood the bolded part correctly.
Can I expand the sentence like this?

"Geriatric science has been allowed to take over [the elderly], and, really, [to keep] decency [the eldery] roars for some sort of correction."
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    Geriatric science has come to dominate discussions surrounding care of the elderly, and considerations of "decency" (however Amis interprets that word) cry out for a change in course.


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    The speaker seems to feel that "geriatric science" sometimes involves keeping people alive as long as possible regardless of their quality of life. Society's sense of decency should be demanding that this is not right, ie people should be demanding fixes to this.