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    Hi there

    I acquired a letter that was posted in Aachen in 1937 (attached). I cannot identify the handwriting style used. This may not be a German style but, as the letter was posted in Germany, I thought I would ask this forum if anyone can identify the writing style. As silly as it sounds, I would like to learn fountain penmanship and I would very much like to write in this style!

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    I think it's a mixture. The "e" looks modern, the "d" is old style (Kurrentschrift/Sütterlin).

    Here's an overview: Schreibschrift.
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    the most parts are just fast "Schreibschrift".
    It is an earlier form and when I went to school 1960 I learned a similar form.
    It may be that some letters have Sütterlin style, but generally it is just fast writing style.
    There is a name "Doktorschrift" meaning that some of the letters are slightly disturbed by fast writing.
    Here is an additional source:
    It looks more like Latin Sütterlin style, maybe with influence of the German Sütterlin.

    If the "m" is written fast, it comes near to the "m" in the German Sütterlinschrift.

    The letter is not written in calligraphic but in fast way.
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    Thank-you both so much for your replies!

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