German: Jawohl

  • はい - /hʌɪ/

    "Jawohl" is not Dutch. It simply means "yes", with a nuance of "OK."
    The Japanese interjection that occurs to me now is "はっ" (IPA: [häʔ]), whose usage I think will be more or less comparable to the German "jawoll!" or "zu Befehl!". But I don't know if that interjection is really used in the forces because I have never served in the military. But my personal impression is that the usage of the German "jawoll" and that of the Japanese "はっ" outside the military are quite similar.
    The context here is not clear to me. Is it about the usage in the military ("[...] in a military style") or outside the military without imitating a subordinate responding to commands ([...], mein Herr)?

    I referred to the usage of the interjection "はっ" in a military context outside the military (#3).

    Someone asked the following question on the site "Quora"
    武神多し serving in the military answered that question.

    Unlike the entries about "jawohl" and "jawoll" in German dictionaries, the Japanese dictionaries that I have consulted lack pragmatic information about the usage of the interjection "はっ".
    はっ〘感〙  ❶ かしこまって返事をするときに発する語。はい。 「━、承知いたしました」明鏡国語辞典

    jawohl 'dient als Erwiderung auf eine Entscheidungsfrage der nachdrücklichen Zustimmung beziehungsweise der vorbehaltlosen Bereitschaft, einer Aufforderung Folge zu leisten; ja' "jawohl": DUDEN
    jawoll > 'jawohl', umgangssprachlich, auch scherzhaft den militärischen Tonfall nachahmend "jawoll": DWDS
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