German language handwritting - Can't make out of it

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    Hello, this is my first post in this forum.
    I need a little help from someone who can read this little piece of information written in german that was handwritten. And if it's not too much to ask, it would be great if someone could translate it into English or at least write it in noticeable german.

    Much appreciated.

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  2. bearded

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    Hello jpgonc and welcome to this Forum!
    I think I can help you: the writing is as follows:
    Landw. Arbeiter im elterl. Betrieb vom.. bis = agricultural worker in parents' firm (farm) from..1927 to 1935
    Straßenwaerter der Gemeinde von... = municipality worker for road maintenance from 18.7.1935.
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  3. jpgonc New Member

    Portuguese - Portugal
    Grazie molto Bearded Man!
    Saluti dal Portogallo.
    La vita è bella!
  4. bearded

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    You are welcome!
    Please note that in the 2nd line 'Strassenwaerter' could also mean ''road keeper'' or even ''street guard''.
  5. jpgonc New Member

    Portuguese - Portugal
    I also reached to that conclusion myself - Thanks a bunch!
  6. fdb Senior Member

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    French (France)
    Grimm & Grimm & al. DWB has this:

    straszenwärter, m., der für die ausbesserung des pflasters zu sorgen hat: dort sorgte das staatsamt durch seine strassenwärter für die herstellung der straszen J. C. Bluntschli denkwürdiges (1884) 1, 180; blieben wir ... stecken, sodasz uns die straszenwärter helfen muszten denkwürdigk. (1892) 1, 470. —

    Duden, on the other hand, does not seem to acknowledge the existence of this word.
  7. bearded

    bearded Senior Member

    It seems that my first interpretation (worker dealing with road maintenance) was correct after all. I thought of 'Wartung'.

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