gerund or not?


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I want to use the word RECOGNITION (not recognizing) but I want the sentence to be grammatically correct. Which one do you think is more appropriate? #2?

1. We are for caring and sharing, celebrating, and RECOGNITION.

2. We are for caring and sharing, celebration, and RECOGNITION.

3. We are for caring and SHARING, celebrating, and RECOGNIZING.

Thank you.
  • Sahin Parvin

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    no. 2 fits best. no.1 is okay too. however no. 3 isn't applicable as you do not want to mean 'recognizing' u mentioned, even though it makes sense.


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    Keep in mind, though, that recognition and recognizing convey two separate meanings in your example sentences. Recognition implies that "we" wish to be recognized, while recognizing seems to denote we are for recognizing [someone else's deed].


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    Really? That's crucial. In that case, I MUST use recognizing as we want to recognize someone else's achievement.

    what about this one?

    We are for caring and sharing, celebrating, and giving RECOGNITION.

    Let me know your thoughts, please.
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