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Grace looks at the line drawing she has scribbled of a ferociously grinning elf with blood dripping from a butcher’s knife.
Source: The last anniversary by Liane Moriarty

Just a grammatical quiz please:
a) drawing is a gerund as it is part of the compound noun line dancing, right?
b) ferociously an is adverb. Is it also a submodifier?
c) grinning: gerund or adjective?
d) dripping is present praticiple and not a gerund, right?

Thank you.
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    Drawing is a simple noun (not a gerund); line functions as an adjective modifying drawing. I interpret grinning as an adjective and dripping as a present participle.


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    I love the way line drawing has turned into line dancing! :D But in fact the term line drawing is, I think, more or less restricted to the art world. In everyday speech a quick amateur picture would just be described as a drawing or sketch.

    And yes, the adverb “ferociously” is a submodifier as it modifies the adjective “grinning”.
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