Gesú sacramento


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How is Gesú sacramento translated in this context?

Lui (il papa) unirono con impeto di affetto negli osanna a Gesú sacramento.


The join him (the pope) with an impulse of affection in hosannas to Jesus sacramento.


If Gesú is a proper noun and sacramento is a noun, then what is Gesú sacramento?
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    Oh boy, you are really testing my catholic roots, are you :)

    A "sacrament", according to the Catholic doctrine, is a rite that shows God intervention, or a sign of God, for this reason Jesus (God's child) himself is considered a sacrament. So in this case "sacramento" is a noun used as an adjective.

    But please, wait for someone who has more (and more fresh) knowledge, I am a a long time atheist.


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    I have found 2,580,000 google hits for "the sacrament of Jesus".


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    Without any doubt christian sacraments are:
    baptism, communion,confirmation,penance,marriage,unction,eucharist ,and priesthood.
    I never learned in Italy about Jesus as a sacrament.
    He has given to the Apostles the seven sacraments.Therefore it's said they are "sacraments of Jesus".
    Amplifying and popularizing the question the same Jesus can be of course a "sacrament of God".