Gestorías (gestoría laboral, gestoría de vehículos...)

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    In Spain there are many companies called "gestorías" who submit paperwork to public administrations in name of 3rd parties (companies, persons...). Typical services are labour related (social security registrations, etc.), vehicle related (registrations, change of ownership...), etc. I have not only been unable to find a translation to this word yet but I have been also unable to find any company in the UK who offer this type of services. Is there any translation for "gestoría", "gestoría laboral" and "gestoría de vehículos" or this services/companies does not even exist in English speaking countries?

    Thank you in advance
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    Spanish (Spain) and Galician
    I already checked many of those threads as well as the translation given by wordreference. The translation looks more as the meaning/description rather than a translation. I tried to search on Google with many keywords similar to "agency that undertakes administrative work" but does not show any useful English link. Looks to me that no company or service like that exists in English speaking countries and therefore there is no word for it.

    Indeed the reason why I am asking for a translation is because I am looking to delegate some tasks to some service similar to a "gestoría laboral" and also a "gestoría de vehículos" in the UK.
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    As far as I know, there are no 'gestorías de vehículos' in the UK.
    There are no companies offering this service, probably because there isn't any demand and/or people do all the paperwork themselves.
    For example, if you want to register your Isle of Man car with the DVLA because you intend to bring it into the United Kingdom and you have all the paperwork (certificate of conformity, MOT, etc.), you can contact the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency).
    If you get a speeding ticket and want to challenge it, you can seek legal advice from a professional (lawyer).

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