Get a boyfriend - a personal?

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  1. gienesa

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    If you were to ask: "Do you think it it easier to get a boyfriend or girlfriend via the Internet?" would a personal be employed?

    ¿Crees que es más fácil conseguir a un novio o novia a través del Internet?"

    Many thanks.
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  2. Rubns

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    It's not necessary in this case:

    ¿Crees que es más fácil conseguir novio o novia a través de Internet?

    I would also omit "un".

  3. alvarovix

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    Yes, we used to say "conseguir novio o novia" because if you say "a un novio" you have to say "conseguir a un novio o a una novia" but in this case you sounds as a robot.
  4. _SantiWR_ Senior Member

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    I would say "echarse (un) novio por internet", no "personal a" needed here.

  5. Aviador

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    I agree, no personal a is needed. It would only be mandatory if you referred to a specific person, specially if called by name. Compare:

    • Busco una novia porque me siento solo.
    • Busco a un novio que tuve cuando estaba en la Universidad.
  6. gienesa

    gienesa Senior Member

    New Orleans
    Thank you everyone!
  7. modulus Senior Member

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    You may also find this useful:

    In particular, see sections 1.1.h and 1.2.a.

    There seems to be a typo in the English sentence.

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