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"A congressional waiver" appears to be in a close relation with "out of uniform." Does the waiver mean a proof of being out of uniform long enough?

Thanks in advance

Flynn expressed interest in becoming Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. Eric Trump, who was also on the team, asked Flynn if he had been out of uniform long enough to head the Pentagon. Flynn said that he could probably get a congressional waiver, but if not he’d settle for national-security adviser.

-New Yorker

  • Barque

    From the sentence, it appears that to become head of the Pentagon the candidate should have completed a minimum period of time after leaving the military, if he had been in it. That's the reference to "out of uniform long enough".

    It appears that Flynn hadn't completed this minimum period but believed he could get Congress to waive that requirement for him, or to exempt him from the requirement.
    Barque is correct. The position of Secretary of Defense is a civilian position, and therefore under United States law a former military officer is not eligible for appointment until he or she has been relieved from active duty for at least seven years. Congress can make an exception through special legislation, but the last time that was done was in 1950, for George C. Marshall -- and Flynn is certainly no Marshall.
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