get a non-binding proposition on the ballot

Gabriel Malheiros

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Portuguese - Brazil
Hi everyone

On a TV show, two people wanted to get a law changed, so one of them said:

"I know how we can do it. I was doing some research and it says here that in eight months, we can get a non-binding proposition on the ballot as long as we get 4000 signatures"

What does "get a non-binding proposition on the ballot" mean?

Thank you
  • pob14

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    American English
    A "non-binding proposition" (we would call it a "referendum" here) is, essentially, an opinion poll taken during an election; a question is put on the ballot, people vote on it, but it does not become law or require the government to do anything regardless of the result.

    To "get it on the ballot" is to meet the legal requirements (here, 4000 signatures on a petition) to have the referendum take place.
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