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Hi all

A. I've got a protection from HIV since ...
B. I've protected from HIV since .....

I know these two sentences are both nonsense. But I'm interesting in the form of them. The former use a noun to describe the thing, and the latter use a verb instead. I'm wondering which one is more natural?
  • PaulQ

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    English - England
    Neither are correct

    it would be: "I have protection from..." or "I am protected from..."


    American English
    In relation to HIV, we would treat "protection" as an uncountable concept, and not use an article.

    However, "protection" was once used as a countable noun for a specific document that "protected" an English seaman from being impressed (forced to serve in the navy). If a man had this document, "a protection," it was illegal to force him into the navy and an officer responsible for doing so could be sued for monetary damages. There was a market for fraudulent protections. A protection (countable noun) provided protection (uncountable noun) from impressment.

    Now, we usually use other names for devices that provide protection: an umbrella provides protection (no article) from the rain, a heavy coat provides protection from the cold, etc.
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